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Home brewing beer

is becoming more and more popular, with people wanting to experiment to find their perfect style and flavour of beer. Home brewing your own beer can be extremely rewarding and can actually be easier than you think, with people having been home brewing beer for centuries. In recent years home brewing has risen in popularity once again, so here’s a quick guide on how to brew your own beer.

Because the basic recipe of beer is simple, containing only four ingredients of water, yeast, hops and malted grains, home beer brewers are able to use the same ingredients that commercial brewers use. Many beer making kits contain all that you need to be successful at home brewing your own beer, with malt extract, yeast and even hop extract being the usual components.

The process for home brewing beer is actually very similar to commercial processes except on a much smaller and more domestic scale. Like commercial beer brewing, home brewers need to mix the grains with water and “mash” to release the sugars and create their own malt extract. However, to skip this step, novice home brewers can instead buy ready-prepared malt extract to make the whole beer brewing process a lot easier.

The malt extract or water and grain mixture then needs to be boiled for around an hour to an hour and a half, during which time the hops are added to give the bitterness and unique aroma to the beer. After cooling, yeast is added and the liquid is stored and allowed to ferment for around 21 days for ale and 35 days for lager. If a speciality beer is desired then flavours are added at the end of the home brewing process, and the beer is complete.

Home brewing beer allows you to create any style of beer that you want, and you can add things to or modify the ingredients to create the perfect beer for you. The best way to brew your own beer, especially for those new to the concept, is to invest in a home brewing kit as it will contain everything you need.

As you can see, home brewing your own beer can actually be very simple, although creating the perfect beer can take years to master. Home brewing is all about experimentation, so try different quantities, add different flavours and modify the brewing process to find the perfect home brewed beer.

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