Home Brew Supplies

Home Brew Supplies

The things that you are going to need to keep buying for your homebrew.  This page is here to give you an idea of how simple and cheap it is to home brew. With the items below, making a basic kit brew, you can produce about 60 stubbies of fine beer that will be as good if not better then any boutique beer at you nearest bottle-o for about $50.00 – the price of 1 slab! once you have the equipment all you need is;

home brew kit

This is usually a can of instant wort – It is a liquid concentrate of hopped malt wort that needs only to have the can heated for ease of pouring. Other more advanced kits may have hops or malt separate or a variety of different options. you can certainly produce a very nice beer from the basic kits. But by making your own wort can be rewarding if time consuming; you produce a beer that is uniquely yours and you can produce flavours that make a pretty special beer.


This can be any of a number of brewing sugars available on the market. I would advise you go with what ever your seller advises to start with as this will be safe. Once you are comfortable, try experimenting with different types, quantities and even alternatives such as Honey…

Carbonation Drops

These are one of the best inventions in home brewing in the last century. It saves a hell of a lot of hassle and mess to simply put on of these drops into each stubby as you bottle them rather then measure out and funnel brewing sugar into each stubby. They are cheap and do the trick.


Not a necessity but another valuable time & effort saver, all you have to do is soak everything that you use for the brew in a steriliser/water mix and rinse it before use. the alternative is boiling everything – more energy intensive, time & effort consuming and hazardous.

Crown Seals

These are an unescapable consumable (except mabye if you use corks or grolsch bottles)  but they are inexpensive and easy to find.
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