Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Considered one of the major beer style groups, Pale Ale often has a rather deceptive name; Pale Ale is traditionally are not actually pale, especially when compared to other beers available on the market today. They are however Pale if compared to the Black and Brown Ales that were popular at the time when Pale Ales were developed.

Pale Ale distinction

Pale Ale tends to have an amber hue and a full body Flavour and a stronger character when compared to a Lager for example. However as they are so popular and wide ranging Pale Ale is dificult to define.

Pale Ale

Having become a bit of a benchmark beer, It is almost essential that every good brewer include a pale ale of some sort in their selection. In Australia at the moment, Pale Ales are going through a bit of a revival, becoming increasingly popular in the market, bringing extra competition to the long established Coopers Pale Ale that has dominated the market for so long.

Pale Ale Sub-Styles

American Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

Irish Red Ale

Amber Ale

English Bitter

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