Bitter (Brittish)

Bitter – British style

As seperate from the Australian Bitters (VB, XXXX Bitter…etc) which really are Lagers, The Brittish Bitter is a Pale Ale.  A specialty of the English beer scene, Bitter is considered the ‘session beer’ in England, Bitter is the beer you would be served in a London pub if you asked simply for ‘a beer’

Bitter Ales

British Bitter Ales, despite their name, often have more emphasis on the Aroma hops then Bittering hops. English Bitters usually have a fruity character and a medium body with colours ranging from golden to copper.

English Bitter

While extremly popular in their traditional homeland, English Bitter can also be found recreated in breweries all over the world, usually with thier own special variation on the Traditional British Bitter Ale, however be wary of the mis-marketed Australian Bitter Lager which bares little resemblance to the Bitter Ale.

see also Extra Special Bitter for a variation on this style.

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