Jamieson Beast IPA

Jamieson Beast IPA Review


Brand: Jamieson

Brewer: Jamieson Brewery

Type:  Ale

Style: American IPA

Region: North East Victoria, Australia

Alcohol/vol: 7.0%

Volume: 330ml

Brewers Description:  We have added SIX hop additions to this Beast and you will find a mix of sweet caramel fudge with a spicy pine & citrus aroma..  Full, balanced body with strong bitterness and a nice round mouthfeel with some alcohol warmth.  Foamy, dense off-white head with good retention and lots of lacing.

A long dry quenching hop finish caps off a well-rounded beast of a beer.  All very balanced and all very satisfying. A tremendous drop.

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1 Justin March 23, 2010 at 2:35 am

This is one beer that lives up to it’s name, it is a BEAST! and a very good example of what India Pale Ale is all about… Bitter Hoppiness. despite the very strong presence of bitterness it is balanced out well by a malty sweetness and caramel tones to form a very drinkable beer. To appreiciate a Beast IPA you need to be expecting a bitter beer, if you are expecting a smooth gentle brew then you are in for a nasty shock. Otherwise it is very easy to appreciate the balance of this bitter sweet IPA.

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