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There are many fun ways to enhance one beer drinking experience. These are usually games that should be played only occasionally as they often lead to serious hangovers and other unwanted side effects, so it is important to know ones limits. That said they are enormous fun.

Kings – beer game

Kings is a drinking card game that can often have a nasty twist. It is played with 1 full deck of cards, a large ‘Kings Cup’ and preferably 4 or more people with enough beer or other alcohol to sustain a few hours of drinking, the exact nature of the rules may change from night to night but here is a rough guideline.

The players take turns in a circular fashion drawing a card from the deck (the one at the top) and then performing an action as dictated by the card. The rules of the cards are as follows:

A = 1 drink allocation

2 = 2 drink allocations

3 = 3 drink allocations

4 = 4 drink allocations

5 = 5 drink allocations

– A drink allocation is the opportunity to force someone playing to take a swig or gulp of their drink of choice. They may be divided among many players or all given to one person, be careful though players often have an opportunity for revenge. Drinks may be allocated to ones self but they must be drunk before play continues.

6 = skip

– The next person is denied the opportunity to draw a card and the following person as their turn

7 = reverse

– Changes the direction of the flow of turn takings

8 = rule

– The person may make a rule regarding the act of taking a drink, this may be a word, sound or action and must be done by every person from that moment on before each drink, there is usually 4 rules in total added throughout the game and they stack up. Failure to remember or successfully complete each rule before each drink (as judged by the other players) will mean that you will have to take that drink again (correctly)

9 = rhyme

– The person drawing the card must say a short sentence, then each person in turn must say a sentence that rhymes with the original, the rhyming word must not be exactly the same or have the same meaning (e.g. two, too and to may be used once each), failure to make any sense, rhyme correctly or deliver a line within 20seconds we mean that you fail, and must drink, then the person after the one drawing the card has their turn.

10 = communal

– All players must take a drink (and complete the rules)

J = never never

– The person drawing the card must declare something that they have never done, all those that have done what they declared must drink, the aim is to try and think of something that most other people have done that you haven’t.

Q = subject

– The person must pick a subject or topic and name a category in this subject, each person the takes turns naming a different category until someone accidentally repeats one or can think of no more. (e.g. Subject: Beer category: Miller beer, Guinness beer, Budweiser Beer… etc)

K = kings cup

– This is the nasty twist to the game. For each of the first three Kings that are drawn the player must fill 1/3 of the Kings cup with whatever they are drinking. The person to draw the final King must scull the lot in one go, ending the game. This is an especially ugly task if people have been drinking different types of drinks (e.g. a beer/bourbon&coke/wine mix is especially hard to stomach.

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