The Mansfield Hotel

The Mansfield Hotel

ph: 03 5775 2101

86 High St Mansfield, Victoria, Australia, 3722

Boasting the Best pub meals in town,

A beautiful Mediterranean Courtyard,

Wood Fired Pizzas in the bar,

and a well stocked Thirsty Camel Bottleshop.

The Beer.

The Mansfield Hotel has a wide selection of beer on tap and in bottles from the towns local brewery (Jamieson Brewery) as well as regional beer and some of the great international names like Leffe, Hoegaarden and Stella. These are available from up to 5 bars in this beautiful large venue. The Mansfield Hotel is also a Carlton Draught Pub and serves the coldest beer in town on it’s chilled font system.

The Other Stuff.

Pizza & Beer.

One of the most notable things as you sit at the front bar of The Mansfield, is that the barman will cook you a Pizza in between pouring your beer! There is a woodfired pizza oven in the middle of the bar. Who can argue with beer and pizza? especially when the pizza is a delicious woodfired one that is cooked right in front of you, and the beer can be chosen to suit the pizza toppings.

The Venue.

As well as being able to sit under the front verandah, or out on the street in the sun, watching the town go by, you can also sit in the beautiful courtyard out the back, under the shade of the 100+ year old Pinoak. There are facilities for the kids; high chairs and a playground. There is a bar out the back in the old stables which opens on busy afternoons. There is also a fuction room available for those special occasions.

Food & Wine (or Beer)

On top of these amazing features, the Mansfield boasts an extensive range of wines from local, regional and international wineries. However it is the food which you will remember, and the lovely bistro in which you eat it. The menu goes beyond your average pub fare, and while it contains the classics, it also has a large and ever-changing specials board and caters for seniors, the kids, for vegitarians and those requiring gluten free meals. The highlights are the stone cooking and the wood fired pizzas and you are sure to find just what you are after. and to top the night off there is a great selection of deserts to choose from.

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1 Smegs May 20, 2010 at 10:20 am

a fine establishment I hear… they used to do good tandoori chicken pizzas..dunno how they are now though 😉

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