How to Open a Beer without a Bottle Opener

How to Open a Beer without a Bottle Opener

It is not uncommon that one might find him or herself without a beer bottle opener. Ususally this happens when you bought a new type of beer and didn’t realise that it wasn’t twist top, or were simply too drunk to remember. Luckily, most drunk people have an instictive ability to find a way to get the beer out of the bottle. However most drunk people also spill their beer, embarrass themselves or break the bottle (or themselves) in the procces. Forget bottle opener keyrings we have found 12 interesting replacements for the beer opener which may or may not assist you in your time of need… if you can remember them. The most important thing is to be open minded when trying to open your beer.

12. Helicopter – While definitely the coolest way to open ones beer, some chicks might think it’s excessive.

11. Lighter – Really the second best thing due to availability, where there is beer there is usually lighters… not very original though.

10. Another Beer – Also a very readily available tool, but you will have trouble with the last beer in the fridge, and it has the potential to end in tears and spilt beers.

9. Pen – another readily available tool for the resorceful ones among us. However it is not very cool, and can be tricky.

8. Knife – Very cool if you pull it off, but dangerous both for the beer and the drinker.

7. Ring – Very original and resorceful, but not good for impressing the ladies if it is a wedding ring.

6. Keyboard – A very handy option especially for those times when you realise you forgot the bottle opener after you sit down.

5. Keys – Readily available, resorceful, little effort and you keep your cool.

4. CD – A little nerdy but easy to find and looks tricky and skillful.

3. Paper – Again, the paper method is a bit nerdy, but no one will believe you if you say you can do it before you show them.

2. Chainsaw – While this method requires far too much effort, it makes up for it by being the manliest option available.

1. Breasts – Hands down the best way to open a beer… throw away the bottle opener, this should be the standard method for opening beer everywhere.

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1 Steve May 10, 2010 at 3:28 pm

These are some very interesting methods, I will have to give some of them a try one day… especially the breasts one 😉

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