Beer Size – Guide to Australian Beer Measurements

Beer Size Names in Australia

The Beer names given to different beer glass sizes varies from city to city in Australia and generally from state to state. for example asking for a Schooner in most Victorian or Western Australian Pubs will earn you a confused or annoyed look, as the don’t serve that size. ordering a ‘Beer’ in Victoria will get you a 285ml (10 oz) ‘Pot’ however if you said the same thing in a  Queensland Pub you might find yourself with a smaller 200ml (7 oz) glass.

A ‘Jug’ anywhere in Australia will earn you a 1140ml (40 oz) receptacle designed for sharing and you will find find yourself upsetting the establishment and the security if you were to drink straight from it.

A 570ml (20 oz) glass is referred to as a Pint everywhere outside South Australia, in which it must be referred to as an Imperial Pint to differentiate from the 15 oz glass they call a Pint.

A 450ml (15 oz) glass is called a Schooner everywhere except S.A. and is particularly popular in New South Wales but almost non-existent in Victorian or Western Australian Pubs.

A 285ml (10 oz) glass is the most popular of the beer glasses in Australia and is called a number of names; Its a ‘Half-Pint in ACT, a ‘Middy’ in WA and NSW, a ‘Pot’ in VIC, QLD & TAS, sometimes a ‘Ten’ in QLD & TAS, and a ‘Handle’ in NT though all over Australia a lot of Pubs with beer gardens give the option to have a handle 285ml glass as the beer stays cooler longer.

A 200ml (7 oz) glass is called a ‘Seven’ everywhere except WA & VIC where it is simply a ‘Glass’ or SA where it is a ‘Butcher’

Where they are served a 140ml (5 oz) is generally know as a ‘Pony’ however glasses smaller then 285ml are losing popularity and are generally only drunk by baby boomers. perhaps due to increased available beer money or just the fact that people are aware that beer is great and should be drunk in larger glasses… I’m not sure.


Traditionally Beer was bought in 750ml ‘Long neck’ bottles however with beer becoming more affordable of late the trent turned to 375ml ‘Stubbies’ which is considered a reasonable size for one person to drink with out the beer becoming too warm. Recently beer is increasingly being sold in even smaller 330ml ‘Stubbies’ especially premium beers.

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