Vertical Epic Ale

stone-12.12.12-vertical-epic-ale-cropName: Vertical Epic Ale

Brand:  Vertical Epix

Brewer: Stone Brewing Co.

Region: Escondido, California USA

Style:  Belgian Strong Ale

Alcohol/Vol: 8.5%

Brewer’s Description:

A new Vertical Epic will be released every year, with the goal being to collect them all and have a Vertical Epic tasting once the final Epic is released on 12/12/12. Each new Stone Vertical Epic Ale will be release one YEAR, one MONTH and one DAY apart. This time around, we used no spices in the brewing of this beer. If you’ve tasted the beer before reading this, that may surprise you. The special Belgian yeast we used adds a distinctively spicy aroma and flavor. Roastiness, clove, hops, fruitiness, and those other great and funky phenols abound in the nose. What’s in the flavor? You certainly get some dark roasted malts and alcohol overtones. What else? Hints of earthiness, chocolate/cocoa, hop spiciness, maybe even anise, and … the incredible variety of complexities from the classic brewing ingredients of barley malt, hops, yeast and water, when applied with an artistic brewer’s talent never ceases to amaze.

Vertical Epic Ale Review:

This is a review on a  Bottle at Nerd Beer Epic Weekend, 1/25/13

Aroma: The aroma is sweet and malty, toffee, caramel and some fruity notes
Appearance: This one pours a dark reddish brown color with a small head
Flavor: The taste is similar to the nose, it is rather sweet with a nce flavor to it
Palate: The body is light-medium and it has a decent feel to it
Overall Impression:  This one is still very solid, though it has definitely gotten rather sweet. It aged pretty well, with some nice components to it.

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