Little Creatures Pale Ale

beer-palealeName: Little Creatures Pale Ale

Brand: Little Creatures

Brewer: Little Creatures Brewery

Style: American Pale Ale

Region: Western Australia

Alcohol/Vol: 5.20%

Brewer’s Description:

The beer’s character is driven by the use of fresh whole hop flowers. Hop Flowers are carefuly selected that are bursting with aroma and contain all the essential oils and acids that deliver an uniqe flavour experience. Drink a few pints of this beer and you’ll soon become one of us…a certified “hophead” craving those crisp citrus flavours of grapefruit and passionfruit and maybe a bit of honey, all backed up with a good balance of bitterness.

Little Creatures Pale Ale Review:

Quite simply, Little Creatures have nailed what Oz taste buds like, mine included. I first sampled this beer a year ago, coinsidently, the reason for becoming a member of this site. I love a good beer and have sampled many (not as many as some) new taste experiences in the last 12 months. A far cry from some of “me mates best drop home brew”.



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