Coldstream Ale Review

Brand:  Coldstream Ale

Brewer: Coldstream Brewery

Type: Ale

Style: English Pale Ale

Region: Coldstream, Victoria, Australia

Alcohol/Vol: 4.80%

Volume: 330 ml

Brewers Description:

A delicious golden ale brewed with premium quality English winter barley and delicately hopped with the two classic aroma varieties, Fuggles and East Kent Goldings.

This traditional ale pours with a beautiful creamy head and exhibits a full-bodied maltiness with a bouquet of fruit salad, which yields to a gentle bitter finish.

Coldstream Ale Review:

It is a pleasant ale that is suited for easy and prolonged drinking. However, it is a bit subdued on hops. If you prefer earthy flavors rather than fruity flavors, this golden ale is for you.

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