Bootleg Toms Brown Ale Review

Name: Bootleg Toms Brown Ale

Brand: Bootleg

Brewer: Bootleg Brewery

Type: Ale

Style: English Ale

Region: Australia

Alcohol/Vol: 4.00%

Volume: 330 ml

Brewers Description:

This, our new Ale, is based on the traditional style brewed in the U.K. The initial bitterness is quite distinctive but not so overpowering that other flavours are masked.


Bootleg Toms Brown Ale Review:

This beer is  interesting. On the physical side, it pours with a clear brown fair head. Its scent reeked of coffee beans which is quite intense for a brown ale with 4% alcohol content. One also notices mint and chocolate powder in the mix. Initially, notes of milk and coffee dominates but it is abruptly stopped midway. It has a bitter, strangely sharp aftertaste.


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