Alhambra Especial Review

Name: Alhambra Especial

Brand: Alhambra Especial

Brewer:  Grupo Cervezas Alhambra, SL

Type:  Lager

Style:  American Adjunct Lager

Region:  Spain

Alcohol/Vol:  5.40%

Volume:  330 ml

Brewers Description:
Assiduously crafted extra lager with strong flavour, dressed in white and gold, symbol of purity and elegance. Its precise process of elaboration, with 100% natural raw materials, together with the experience of our master brewers makes Alhambra Especial a high quality lager.

Alhambra Especial Review:

This beer is perfect for a hot afternoon. The lager has a clean taste with a bit of hop aroma. Malt is not noticeable in this beer. When poured, its color is light straw with a white head and small bubbles. Its taste has a subdues bitterness and when it is drank cold, it is quite refreshing. This is also a good combination with tapas.

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