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The Beer Brew Guru Mission

The Beer Brew Guru is a site which aims to restore the honour and respect Beer has lost in the generations of people who grew up to drink only one style of Pale Lager beer and occasionally ‘experiment’ with similar Pale Lagers.

Beer Brew Guru wants to encourage learning and appreciation of the growing diversity of beer available in the world today. Beer Brew Guru does this by providing a platform for discussion and recommendation of Beer, Brews, Breweries and Pubs and aims to be a balanced reliable source of information on beer and beer related topics.

The aim is also of course to go about achieving all of this without being too boring and official, as Beer is all about having fun and enjoying life; the funny side of beer is one of it’s most important aspects.

in contemplation of beer...

in contemplation of beer...

The Beer Brew Guru Motos;

Don’t take life too seriously, or else you won’t get the Joke.

Everything should be tried… in moderation, including moderation itself.

The Beer Brew Guru Story

1842, It could be said, was a major turning point in the the beer cultures of the world. The positive aspect of which was the creation of the first Pilsner, ancestor of the current Pilsner Urquell [German: ‘product of Plzen’ + ‘primary source’], Unquestionably a bloody good beer indeed.

The negative aspect was the Pale Lager revolution that sprung from this new beer and swept the globe. New malting, brewing, packaging and transportation technologies of the industrial revolution served to spread this new Lager style across Europe.

This was perpetuated further in the 20th Century by chemical processes, canning, refrigeration, transport and other advances in beer technology until the whole world had access to, if not their own local, Pale Lager. This created a situation where most people in the world essentially drunk the same Mass-Produced, Flavour Reduced, Pale Lagers. Now the decision of what beer to drink is based on connection to a brand label through advertising, where you come from or your class image rather then the flavour of the beer.

The Problem with Beer these days…

This is something which is remarkably amplified here in Australia; where brand patriotism is such that many drinkers of brands like VB, XXXX, Tooheys New, Crow, Cascade or Boags would rather drink their own piss rather then be seen drinking one of the other brands of beer. This is based solely on the perception of the people who drink the other brands (be they Yuppies, Bogans, Queenslanders, Victorians, or Welshmen)  rather then the difference in the taste of the beers (which is little to none).

The primary ill side effect of this situation was the decline in the interest for diverse flavoursome beer, which in turn led to a decline in the number of breweries providing such beer, which further perpetuated the problem until most of them were wiped out.

We believe that this lack of interest in the flavour diversity of beer is a big contributing factor in the binge drinking, alcopop culture that is identified widely as a problem in today’s society. This is because beer is being engineered to simply be easy for the mass market to be able to consume in large quantities, especially generation X and Y who have grown up with an increasing availability of soft drink and sweets. Those that don’t like the flavour of Pale Lager have no other option but to turn to Wine and Spirits… which are higher in alcohol content.

To help explain this problem, imagine if whenever one went to a restaurant, all that was available was different labels of bland Chardonnay… it would not take long before one would either; find a brand they tolerated and stuck to it, or give up and drink Whiskey instead.

The Beer Solution

While we have attempted to paint a bleak, pessimistic picture; we must qualify it by saying that we do enjoy Pale Lagers, there are many fine varieties around, however we do get sick of going to pubs and bottle shops and being presented with only a selection of local, regional or international brands of Pale Lager.

Fortunately in the last few decades a slow revival is taking place all over the world. ‘Craft Beer’ and ‘Microbreweries’ are growing in number and availability. Beer Brew Guru is a site which aims to aid this revival by educating the masses about the noble beer which has been around as long as the Wheel, Bread and Civilisation itself!

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