Hawthorn Amber Ale Review

Name: Hawthorn Amber Ale

Brand: Hawthorn

Brewer: Hawthorn Brewing Co

Type: Ale

Style: English Ale

Region: Australia

Alcohol/Vol: 4.70%

Volume: 330 ml

Brewers Description:

Hawthorn Amber Ale is a rich malt flavoured ale, presenting itself as dark auburn coloured with hints of red. More British than the Queen’s corgi’s, our Amber Ale is meticulously brewed to the true Northern English style.

The inclusion of the world famous base malt – Maris Otter, ensures a lovely rounded body, whilst a small addition of Chocolate Malt in the grain bill delivers a warm bittersweet roasted caramel flavour.

Hawthorn Amber Ale Review:

With the first whiff, one can sense an unusual but powerful aroma of wood and fruit reminiscent of red wine. Also evident in the beer are cherries and black grapes. Its taste is also fruity with sweet malt and toffee bits and a moderate hop bite finishes the beer. Though it is not the usual amber, it is still nice especially the nose.

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